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Buying and selling of forest wood

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Supplier of cherry and maple wood

Bois tendre et résineuxAs a forestry industry company, Lebrun Bois markets mostly hardwood such as beech, oak, and ash but also cherry and maple - all of which are European species in demand in Europe but also in Asia.

Supplier of maple wood

The company supplies tree types of maple wood (Acer): sycamore maple, Norway maple and field maple. This wood produces a light almost white wood. It is strong, resistant, elastic and flexible in spite of its short fibres.

It is particularly sought after by turners, joiners and white coopers. It provides splendid veneering and confers a modern style on furniture. It is highly appreciated in string-instrument manufacturing because its characteristics make it the ideal wood for sounding boards.

Softwood and resinous wood logs

Lebrun Bois also buys and sells hardwood species such as lime, alder, willow and poplar. It also supplies professionals throughout the world with resinous wood of all qualities, from Douglas wood, to pine, spruce or larch – all in compliance with the PEFC label.

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