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Buying and selling of forest wood

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Buying and selling European wood

Buying and selling European wood Lebrun Bois is a Belgian forest industry company. It supplies sawmills and other primary processors of wood based in Belgium, but also exports to different countries in Europe  (France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, etc.) and Asia (mainly China, India and Indonesia).

Lebrun Bois specialises in the harvesting of various species of hardwood and non-coniferous wood : beech, oak, frêne, ash, maple, cherry, American oak ; but it also markets resinous wood larch, spruce, pine and Douglas wood – and some soft wood such as poplar, willow, alder or lime. All these types of wood come directly from our forests.

Forest industry company

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Responsable timber producers (PEFC label)

 All wood from the Lebrun Bois forest activity is PEFC certified.

These labels guarantee that the wood comes from responsably managed forests, in accordance with environmental regulations.

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