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Supplier of oak wood

Grume de chêne

The Lebrun Bois forest activity naturally comprises the king of the forest: the oak (Quercus). This Belgian family-owned and run company markets this species for its

many qualities appreciated far beyond Europe whence the tree stems.

Its light brown colour and fine grain make oak a wood suitable for applications ranging from cabinet making, down to fire wood. It is thus used for veneering as well as crosspieces, gives magnificent floors, parquets, doors, skirting boards or staircases, and is widely used in the construction sector for frameworks

Oak for furniture, construction or cooperage

Lebrun Bois works with all qualities of oak, for all uses. Because it is suitable for interior design as well as for outdoor purposes, it is appreciated also in the cooperage industry for making casks, barrels, or kegs, for its tannins help with the ageing of wines and spirits.

The forest activity can supply you with oak logs of all qualities (A to BC) according to your specific needs.

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Supplier of softwood and resinous wood

Although Lebrun Bois pays particular attention to hardwood, it is nonetheless also a supplier of softwood and resinous wood.

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