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Supplier of beech wood

Grume de hêtreLebrun Bois markets beech wood (Fagus sylvatica) in particular. Very widespread in Europe, beech is found in large quantities, which keeps the price down. Whereas it exists also in red, white beech is considered to be of superior quality.

A semi-hard wood, beech is suitable for many applications. It is for instance often used for furniture (chairs, tables, etc.), and small joinery (bent products, rail cover, etc. ). Thanks to its high technological qualities and because it is a wood that is easy to work with, it is also used for staircases and parquets.

Supplier of beech covering the whole of the quality spectrum

Whether for slicing, veneer cutting, or sawing , Lebrun Bois can supply beech wood in Quality A to Quality BC, or even mixed qualities.
All shades are consequently available, from completely white to red core beech wood – in all all lengths and diameters, including the largest ones (50 cm and more).

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Specialist of hardwood

In addition to beech, Lebrun Bois also specialises in marketing oak and ash logs. All the species are available in all qualities and sizes, in accordance with the requirements of the buyers.

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