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Supplier of ash wood

Grume de frêneLebrun Bois, a specialist in hardwood species, markets ash (Fraxinus excelsior) as well. This wood has particularly varied colours, ranging from a light colour near white to brown, via yellow and pink shades.

It is one of the most reliable species in Belgium and in France. Flexible and resistant, at the same time, it has long been processed into objects that require a certain flexibility and resistance to intensive use: tool handles, hockey sticks and, formerly, tennis racquets; ash is also used for woodwork in boats, as terrace wood, etc.

Ash logs of all qualities, A to BC

Depending on its quality, ash can be used for veneering, but also for floors or furniture.

Lebrun Bois provides ash wood as of 30 cm in diameter, and beyond, at lengths as of ca. 3 metres.

Lebrun Bois exports its wood to the rest of Europe and Asia

Although Lebrun Bois is a Belgian company that covers the Belgian market for logs of various indigenous species, it also exports its logs throughout Europe, from the UK to the Czech Republic, but also to China, India and Indonesia.

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